Soil Test: Soil test results can provide important information regarding the soil condition, including pH, phosphorus and potassium. Additional tests for micronutrient levels, organic matter and soluble salts may also be needed. 

Fertility: Follow soil test recommendations and incorporate amendments through cultivation at the root zone prior to final seedbed preparation.

Weed Control: Check herbicide labels for directions and restrictions to determine if a waiting period is needed before or after the seed is sown. 

Seedbed: Till the top layer of the soil to a fine soil particle size. Plant seeds to a firm seedbed, and ensure good seed-to-soil contact.


For uniform coverage, divide seed into two equal parts, spreading one half in a north-south pass and the other in an east-west pass. Applying the proper amount of seed is key. Too little seed results in a thin stand and increased competition from weeds. Too much seed causes over-crowding and increased competition for nutrients and water.

  • Over-seeding: A properly calibrated commercial drill/slice seeder provides the best results. Many professional seeder options are available that drill/slice the soil, place the seed and firm the row in one pass, ensuring good seed-to-soil contact. Core aeration followed by broadcast seeding is popular with many turf managers. The more cores per square foot, the more opportunities for seed-to-soil contact.
  • New Seed Establishment: Till and prepare the seedbed with adequate drainage that is free of low spots. Properly adjusted commercial drill seeders and slice seeders will produce the best results. Seed may be broadcast over the prepared seedbed and followed by a cultipacker, roller or drag to ensure good seed-to-soil contact.


Seeds need moisture to germinate and water to establish and thrive. 

Water daily or as needed to keep the seedbed moist until seedlings begin to tiller or reach a 2” height. Once established, infrequent irrigation of 1” should be applied to prevent dormancy. 

*Many VITALITY™ Turf, Forage and Reclamation seed options have lower water requirements. Consult with your VITALITY™ dealer to ensure success.